Our Leadership

The Rev. Philip Neal Curran became pastor at Glade in 2010, having been ordained into Christian ministry in 1991 at First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in his hometown of Hagerstown, Maryland. Understanding the church to be a dynamic organism that is in a state of constant flux and change, Phil seeks to help the church navigate …(read more)

Our History

Glade Church was founded in 1750 by Rev. Michael Schlatter, a German Reformed pastor. The original church was located on the outskirts of Walkersville (1750 to 1896) and then moved to Fulton Avenue (1896 to present).

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Rev. Philip Curran | Pastor

Since 1750, we have been listening to God’s invitation that calls us to make life gentle for all of God’s people. We respect one another’s differences, value diversity, and share God’s love with our neighbors near and far.