Apology re: Gender Fluidity

Apology re: Gender Fluidity

Daily Devotional

Daily Devotional

October 28, 2022

Apology re: Gender Fluidity

The editorial group responsible for the Daily Devotional acknowledges with sorrow the pain caused by the devotion, “Gender Fluidity,” published October 27th. It was especially painful in the current national context of increasing cruelty toward and assault upon the humanity of trans persons.

We understand from personal experience that the Church too often fails to be a sanctuary and an advocate, that our beloved denomination in its many expressions still has all the isms and phobias of our culture, that isms and phobias live in each of us, and that we who tend to the Daily Devotional have a particular responsibility to be vigilant so that we do no harm. In this instance, we failed in that responsibility. Our failure not only caused pain but also reopened past wounds, with a cumulative impact on both body and spirit.

We must and we will take steps to improve our editorial oversight, including the addition of a process to involve a wider array of editors for devotions that address particularly fraught or sensitive topics. The pain that Daily Devotional readers have shared with us will continue to be prominent in our conversations and decisions.

We are sorry. We know we caused harm. We are grateful that you called us to account. We will do better.

Vince Amlin

Molly Baskette

Quinn Caldwell

Kaji Douša

Rachel Hackenberg

Matt Laney

Phiwa Langeni

Mary Luti

Ken Samuel

Donna Schaper

Tina Villa



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